Why Reptiles Make Good And Interesting Pets

dragonReptiles are fascinating creatures. Although they are not affectionate in the way that dogs and cats are, they do have a lot to offer as pets in their own right. There are three principal reasons why reptiles make good and interesting pets.

First, the amount of space required to keep a small lizard, snake or turtle is demonstratively less than that required to keep a dog or a cat. This makes them well suited for those people whose living space is limited, such as those living in apartments. Most small reptiles kept as pets require a fixed dwelling. Normally this takes the form of a terrarium. This is essentially an aquarium void of water and retrofitted to accommodate the heat and UV lamps which most reptiles require. These terrariums are also designed to be secure so as not to allow your new scaly friend to escape. A tank measuring 36 inches long by 18 inches wide will accommodate many small species of pet lizards and snakes quite well. Also, since these terrariums are made of either glass or acrylic plastic, they are transparent, allowing you to observe your pet comfortably.

Pastel Ball PythonAnother reason often cited by reptile owners for choosing to go with cold-blooded companions is that they do not leave hair all over the house and carpets. This absence of fur makes having a reptile as a pet ideal for those people who suffer from allergies. Snakes and all other reptiles do shed their skin in order to accommodate the growth of their bodies, but this is usually in one piece or a handful of pieces. The shed skin layers are easy to clean up from your pet’s tank and do not float around the air as mammalian hair does. When you keep a reptile as a pet the air in your home is definitely cleaner when compared to keeping other creatures.

photo 2(20)Lastly, reptiles are easier to care for. Now, this does not imply that they do not require care and attention. Rather, the care required by reptiles is more focused and not as time consuming as with other animals. In having a reptile as a pet, one must concern oneself in ensuring that they have the proper dwelling, are kept warm with a heat lamp and that they receive the necessary amount of UV light exposure. This is a lot different than having to strap a leash on your pet and take it for a walk twice a day, everyday.

Of course, one chooses a pet primarily because they will enjoy the interaction with the animal. Granted, a lizard or a turtle will not play fetch, but they will learn to recognize your voice and will, with gentle handling, allow to be picked up. Although smaller than other pet choices and less interactive with humans, they are still very endearing creatures and they do develop strong bonds with their owners. This is why reptiles make good and interesting pets.

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