Selecting The Best Aquarium Tanks

aquariumIf you are planning on setting up an aquarium in the home, depending on the fish, the amount of care and maintenance, the type of water (fresh or salt water), and other important factors, the aquarium tanks you will eventually choose are going to differ for each individual. Four popular types of aquarium tanks are: glass tanks, plastic, small or large fish tanks; before beginning an aquarium, you have to know what is required to maintain each.

Plastic aquariums –
These aquarium tanks are great if you plan on breeding fish, or if you have to quarantine a fish for a specific purpose. Plastic is not as durable, so you do have to keep this in mind, but they are far cheaper, and come in a few different sizes. With plastic, you can also mold the tanks in to unusual shapes if you so choose, and they are better suited for freshwater fish, as the plexy glass does not expand well, which saltwater might cause the tank to do. With plastic you also have to worry about discoloration and mold, especially if you do not care for the tank often.

Glass aquariums –
The second option is glass, which is the most chosen option. You will find they are heavier, far more durable, but they are much bulkier. They are easier to care for, and only require cleaning a couple times a week. You can put both fresh and saltwater fish in the tanks, making them a popular choice for individuals who are not sure on what they want. They are also tougher, so run less of a risk of shattering than plastic does. You will also get the clearest view through glass, easy to clean edges, and of course a variety of products to care for, and decorate the tank with.

Small fish tanks –
If you only want a few fish, the small aquarium tanks are a great choice. They are simple to clean, you can decorate them if you choose, and maintaining the tank is quite simple. The downside is if you ever plan on expanding, it is going to be tight, and might not be suitable for larger fish. So, you do have to think ahead, and consider your space, your budget, and whether you have plans of expanding in the near future.

Large fish tanks –
The larger aquarium tanks are generally chosen by those who are going to dedicate the time to carrying for the fish, will clean the tank often, want to decorate the tank, and have the available space and budget for the tank. You will generally find you require more upkeep with larger tanks, but they provide more room for larger fish, and you can also use more decorations if you want to create a unique environment. You can also blend fresh and saltwater fish, if you learn proper care methods.

Each aquarium tank has its pluses and minuses. Before you buy you have to consider: required care and cost, durability, the type of fish you want, space needs, and whether you plan on expanding in the future, in order to ensure you choose the right tank when you do purchase.