Saltwater Aquarium Fish

shutterstock_77235673Typically, it may be more challenging to own a saltwater aquarium as it requires additional pieces of equipment, as compared to a freshwater aquarium. You will need to invest in a top-quality live rock and protein skimmer that can help remove all the dissolved wastes. Furthermore, the external portion of the mechanical aquarium filter may serve as a nitrate source when you fail to clean it thoroughly. Hence, you need to apply the right techniques to maintain the excellent condition of your saltwater aquarium fish.

Great Colors and Features of Saltwater Fish

Although you can find a number of freshwater species such as discus, neon tetras and bettas, you will discover that there is a wider variety of saltwater fishes available in stores. For instance, the bright color of yellow tangs will captivate your eyes as you see an entire school of these fishes swimming on the reef or in your own aquarium.


Challenges You May Encounter

It may be quite enjoyable to observe saltwater fishes because of their vibrant colors and appearance. However, there are certain challenges that some owners encounter as they care for these species of fish. Since saltwater fishes are from the wild, you may have to wean them slowly in a typical aquarium food for several weeks or months. You may also need to feed them with specialized diets to prevent them from eating poorly and developing stress. Keep in mind that stress is likely to cause weak immune systems and serious diseases.


Bottom Line

Generally, caring for saltwater fish is more challenging and more expensive than owning freshwater species of fish. Nevertheless, you will realize that they are less demanding and the quality of water remains better in the tank when you use live rocks. Live plants also perform similar functions when it comes to filtering water in the aquarium. If you have the passion and determination to care for saltwater fish, then you may go ahead and discover the great rewards in owning these adorable species of fish.