Freshwater Aquarium Fish



Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish For Beginners

If you are into freshwater acquarium fish, and want to start your own aquarium, there are several great freshwater fish you should consider. You want to find those that are easy to care for. From Betta fish (second most popular after goldfish), which have long, beautiful fins, and unique color blends to Cichlids (and the many species you can find), you will have fish that brighten up the tank, and are extremely easy to care for. Goldfish are of course a popular choice, as are Danios, as they are well suited for a small community, and require very little care and work.

As a beginner, you want to start with only a few freshwater aquarium fish, and a few species. This will allow you to learn the proper care, feeding methods, and tank cleaning. With these species, and several others (including Tetras, Guppies, and Plecos), you can build a colorful, fun, and interactive aquarium, which requires little work on your part.



Freshwater Fish for Experienced Aquarists

If you are an experienced aquarist, you will find a wide range of fish, equipment, food and accessories to take your interest to a whole new level. You will find out store well stocked, but should it turn out that we do not have an item in stock, we are happy order it (subject to availability). We live-and-breath fish, so feel free to ask questions – we like to talk about fish.

Fresh Water Fish

We offer a large variety of fresh water fish: New World Cichlids, African Cichlid, Tetras, Rainbow fish, Catfish, Plecos, Eels, Barbs / Minnows / Carps, Gouramis and many other.
Below is a more detailed list of fish you can find in our store – come check them out!

New World Cichlids
Temensis Peacock Bass

Temensis Peacock Bass

African Cichlids

Freshwater African Cichlid

Electric Yellow, Auratus, johanni, Livingstoni, Demansoni, Bumblebee, Peacock cichlid, Blue dolphin, Calvus, Compressiceps, Brichardi, Juli. Marlieri, Juli. ornatus, Juli. regani, Juli. transcriptus, Juli. dickfeldi, Brevis, Cylindricus, Leleupi, Sexfaciatus, Tetracanthus, Frontosa, tropheus, Buttikoferi, Kribemis, Jewel cichlid, Five star General, Buffalo head cichlid



Black phantom, Black skirt, Bleeding heart, Bloodfin, Cardinal, Congo, Diamond
Emperor, Glowlight, Lemon, Neon, Rummynose, Lampeye, Buenos Aires, Flame, Glass Bloodfin, Gold tetra, Penguin, Serpae, Pristella<

Rainbow fish

Boeseman, Red Fran, Parkinsoni, Celebes, Turquoise, Threadfin


Corydoras, otocinclus, Glass Cat, Pictus, Four Line, Mystus, raphael,
Multipunctatus, Synodontis, upside down, Sun cat, Armored, Lima shovelnose,
Redtail Cat, Redtail x Shovelnose Cat, Cat Shark, Fridescent shark, Banjo, Asian Redtail


Bushynose, Clown, Marble highfin, Acanthicus, Adonis, Bull dog, Whiptail, Mango, Goldy, Gold nugget, Royal, Scarlet, Striped Peckoltia, Redtail Sternella, Emperor, tiger


Peacock, Yellowtail, Eiretrack, Fire

Peruvian lungfish

Peruvian lungfish

Barbs / Minnows / Carps

Cherry barb, Bala shark, Molly, Guppies, Harlequin, Rasbora, Giant Danio, Zebra Danio, Leopard Danio, tiger Barb, Green Barb, Golden Barb, Rosey Barb, Pearl Danio, Platy, swordtail, Redtail Shark, Rainbow shark, Siamese Algae Eater, Tin Foil Barb, White Cloud Minnow


Pearl, Gold, Blue, Dwarf Blue, Dwarf Flame, honey, Kissing Gourami


African Butterfly, Knife Fish, Killifish, Silver Arowana, Australian Arowana, Leporinus, Bumblebee Gobie, Clown Loaches, Hatchetfish, Mbu Puffer, Dojo Loach, Cooli Loach, Bichir Eel, Saber tusk Baracuda, Goliath Tiger Fish, Headstander, Glassfish, Elephantnose, Baby “Whale”, Baby “Dolphin”, Silver Dollar, Gars.

Other Freshwater Animals

We also carry a large selection of Invertebrates, including Snails, Algae Eating Shrimps, Crystal Red Shrimps, Orange Bee Shrimps, Cherry Red, Black Pearl Shrimps, Assasin Snails, Electric Blue Crayfish, Australian Blue Crayfish, Chili Red Crayfish

Blue Lobster

Blue Lobster