Fresh & Saltwater Meet – Brackish Water Fish

fish_2The species known as brackish water fish, are those that live in locations where fresh and saltwater come together. The fish that do live in these regions are able to tolerate a very broad range of salinities, but tend to do best in waters where the salinity level is at about 1.015, and a pH level of anywhere between 7.5 up to 8.4.
For those who own brackish water fish, or want to purchase them and raise them in an at home aquarium, it is important to know the proper care for these fish, and how to create a suitable living environment for them in the aquarium. It is important to get the water to the right pH and salinity levels, not only so they will be comfortable, but also so the fish can thrive, and live the longest possible lifespan in the aquarium.
In order to get the water to appropriate levels, for every gallon of freshwater that is in the aquarium, you should add about 1/4 cup of saltwater. Although this is not an exact science, if possible, you should try to come as close to these levels as possible, if you have one or a few brackish water fish in the aquarium.

Some of the fish that fall in to this category include: the Black Sailfin Molly, Bumble Bee Goby, Dalmatian Molly, and several others. In addition to proper water settings, you should also have an aquarium that is full of foliage (plants), rocks (decor) for hiding, and feeding should be done a few times per day, in smaller quantities. Full spectrum lighting (heat lamp) is also a good idea over the aquarium, in order to give them a healthy habitat. And, as far as the tank is concerned, the filter and water temperatures should be checked regularly, to ensure the most comfortable habitat for the fish.