Choosing the Right Bird Cage for Your Feathered Friend

Bird cages are used to provide a safe and habitable dwelling for your pet bird where it can comfortably live or breed. There are different types of bird cages available nowadays, and the wide range of choice can sometimes be confusing. Here are a few points that you may consider when buying a home for your bird:
Placement: It is very important to keep the cage in an area where there is adequate sunlight, mild breeze but not a cold draft. Based on the location, you can start shopping for cages that will be suitable for that particular position.
Size: The larger the bird, the greater the size of the cage. Make sure there is enough space in the cage for the bird to spread its wings and fly around a little. A small cage can cause the bird distress and it may also fight with other birds.
Shape: Angled cages are recommended by veterinarians instead of round ones, as the former is believed to keep the bird calm and more comfortable. You could get different styles too and hang the cage or place it on a stand.
Bar spacing: Birds may try to escape when there is a wide gap among the bars in the cage and the little ones may get caught between them. For small birds, the spacing should not be more than an half an inch, while for larger ones you can buy cages with horizontal bars which will help them climb and get some exercise.
The type of cage you are buying is also dependent on what you want to use it for. A breeding cage has a thin panel between two birds that is removed when you want them to mate, a flight bird cage allows a bird to fly freely and parrot perch cage is perfect for birds that like to perch on a rope. Make sure you have some accessories and toys inside the bird cage to keep your feathered friend entertained.