Pet Birds Are Wonderful Companions

shutterstock_149836046If you are in search of the perfect pet for your home, birds are great pets. When wondering what to buy, many will ask whether or not birds make good and interesting pets. The simple answer is yes, and there are several reasons why. Depending on the species you choose, and the amount of time you can put in to training and caring for the pet birds, there are several reasons a bird is the perfect pet for your home.

shutterstock_127198328They are intelligent –
Pet birds can learn several tricks, new words, they can learn how to mimic behavior, and you do not have to do much in training them. Unlike dogs and other pets, your birds will learn on their own, and can pick up on several things that other pets can’t pick up on. Parrots, for example, are famous for being able to speak.  How much your parrot will learn is mostly depended on your patience. The more time you spend talking to your parrot, the more it will learn, and the faster it will learn new words and phrases.

shutterstock_167214Simple to care for –
When you are at work or out of the home, you simply put them in the cage, with sufficient food and water for the day. You don’t have to housebreak them, or take them out for walks like other pets. You will also find that you can simply lay down a sheet of newspaper at the bottom of their cage, and throw this out everyday, rather than having to clean up after them each time they have to use the bathroom.

shutterstock_54041500Inexpensive –
Birds are much cheaper than other pets. Their food is rather inexpense, the toys you buy are reasonably priced as well. In many cases, food can be supplemented with items like fresh fruit, which is something you already have in the home. You do not have to buy fortified foods, or organic foods like you do with dogs, making them a much cheaper pet to keep.

Birds also make great pets as they are social creatures, they require little to no grooming, and they become rather attached to owners, making them great for kids and adults.